One question that I get asked all the time is if there are any manager’s demos available for sale.  And manager’s demos can make sense a lot of the time.  I remember back when I was in the fifth grade, and my mother was looking to buy a new station wagon.  She took one of the demo models on the showroom floor, which had about 3,000 miles, because she was able to get that for a lower price than something brand new.

It’s not always the case that a manager’s demo can get you a better price than a new car.  A lot of it depends on the manufacturer’s programs.  Volvo, for example, gives their dealerships an additional bonus for cars that are reported as a service loaner. However, if the car is reported as a demo, they don’t get any additional money.  You just get a car with miles that they cannot sell for any less than something that’s brand new.

But what if there was an option to purchase a car that had the miles of a demo, with bigger savings and a better warranty than you could get on a new car?  That’s where a rental car comes in.

Car manufacturers sell cars to rental companies like Enterprise all the time.  That’s one way they can inflate their sale numbers even in a down period.  Most rental companies will sell off their cars at auction once they’ve had them for a couple of months, and dealerships can buy them real cheap.  These cars are generally in good condition, requiring a minimum of reconditioning to bring them up to Certified Pre-Owned specifications, and present a lot of value against a new car or a demo.

Bridgewater Volvo, along with its sister stores in Edison and Princeton, has purchased a number of front wheel drive 2017 S60 Dynamic models as a part of the Volvo’s rental repurchase program.  The S60 Dynamic comes standard with leather seats, a power moonroof, and xenon headlights.  All of these vehicles also come with heated front seats.  They range in mileage from approximately 5,500 up to approximately 11,000.  Compared to the MSRP of the car of $36,040 brand new, these cars can be purchased for as low as $27,841, thousands less than what you could purchase a new one for at a dealership.

And the best part?  These S60 rental cars come with the Volvo CPO warranty free if you purchase one by June 1st.  The Volvo CPO warranty covers the car for 7 years or 100,000 miles from the original in-service date, almost double what the factory warranty covers.  That sort of coverage would normally cost you $1,995 at the dealership, but it is included on these cars at no charge.

Demos come and go.  And typically they are the higher end cars, since the owners and managers only want to drive the best they can get their hands on.  And you may have to wait months for an appropriate service loaner to be ready to be sold.  You can save yourself a lot of time and money by looking at a rental car.  Check one out, you’ll be glad you did.